Activities and territory

activities and territory

Our team will be at your disposal to choose the most suitable destination for you and make your experience in South Tyrol unforgettable.

The Hotel Gasthof Salurn is happy to suggest a range of proposals to make the most of your holiday in South Tyrol. From walks for the whole family to hiking along the most beautiful paths. From cycling routes for every type of biker to ski slopes. And then there are castles, nature parks and breathtaking landscapes to discover.

Where South Tyrol is at its most beautiful: The Pinot Noir Walkway

Living Salorno - border land and illustrious times

Admire the most impressive architectural works from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and take a dip into Salorno's history. Organiser: Castelfeder Tourist Association

Day and night in the name of Pinot Noir!

Viticulture in South Tyrol has a long tradition. Vineyards are part of the landscape, culture and everyday life. Along the Wine Route and on the sunny slopes of the Bassa Atesina hills, many small producers cultivate vines. In the midst of a very varied production, there is one wine that finds particularly favourable conditions in the holiday destination Castelfeder, reaching its best expression: the Pinot Noir. This elegant red wine is the centre of attention during the Pinot Noir Evenings. Enjoy culinary delicacies with the corresponding Pinot Noir. Several restaurants in Ora, Egna, Montagna and Salorno offer unique culinary delights.


Nature Park Trudner Horn

Kneipp in Gfrill near Salurn

Dürer's path

More than 100 years ago, this cellar was home to Bepi 🗝️ the locksmith and his forge. He created locks that are true works of art. In our time, it now often occurs that the Pomarolli family organise evenings with friends or that they open the cellar to visitors. We are looking forward to the […]

⛰️ Weißhorn: Starting from Jochgrimm, Claudia and Christoph took 1 hour to reach the summit. The initial trail goes steeply uphill amidst a grassy landscape. From the two-thousand-metre mark, the path becomes more crumbly 🥾. The Weißhorn is famous for its breathtaking 360° view and the fabulous early morning hikes to see the sunrise ☀️. […]

🏔 Schlüterhütte: A beautiful hike through the forest and when the trees disappear, you can see the impressive Geisler Group right in front of you. After the winter and without the many people 🏃🏼🚶🏻👩🏿🦯🏃🏽🚶🏻👨🏼🦯 you can still see many marmots enjoying the spring air. Arriving at the Schlüterhütte, you can have a drink and a […]

🔤 “B” like well ⛲: Originally, the wells in Salurn had a purely functional purpose. They were very important and widespread before there was water from the tap. They served as drinking troughs for horses 🐴🐮, for washing laundry or simply, for drinking, cooking or bathing. Nowadays, they are mainly used as ornamental elements, but […]