Our team will be at your disposal to choose the most suitable destination for you and make your experience in South Tyrol unforgettable.

The Hotel Gasthof Salurn is happy to suggest a range of proposals to make the most of your holiday in South Tyrol. From walks for the whole family to hiking along the most beautiful paths. From cycling routes for every type of biker to ski slopes. And then there are castles, nature parks and breathtaking landscapes to discover.

The Haderburg

In terms of landscape, it is one of the most impressive castles in the Alps. Little is known about its history, but due to its exceptional location above the Chiusa di Salorno, it played an important role in several important events in local history. The first restoration work dates back to 1964, 1981 and 1996. However, the rescue of the ruins from complete decay and their opening to the public is the result of the last restoration in 2003, which was carried out on the initiative of the current owner. On this occasion, a new forest path, the so-called "Path of Visions", was also opened, which leads easily to the castle.

⚫⚪ Between black and white there are a thousand shades!

At least on the Black and White Trail, the new long-distance hiking trail in the south of South Tyrol. It leads in random loops from picturesque mountain villages such as Buchholz and Gfrill to the twin mountains Schwarzhorn and Weißhorn - or from village to village. ⛰️ Are you ready for the ultimate hiking adventure? Lace up your hiking boots and look forward to a whopping 77.3 km in six stages. Can you discover the contrasts in language and rock, between Alpine and Mediterranean along the Truden fault line?

Where South Tyrol is at its most beautiful: The Pinot Noir Walkway

Young or old, stroll along the new Pinot Noir trail in the wine villages of Pinzon, Mazon and Glen. Discover historical treasures hidden along the trail and learn many interesting stories about wine growing in South Tyrol. Impressive waterfalls, wonderful places of power, exciting wine cellars and culinary specialities await you. Are you ready for a special experience in the Pinot Noir paradise? Lace up your hiking boots and expect 14 kilometres of pure enjoyment. Excursions to small villages are also possible.

The Perkeo Carnival

Perkeo lived 300 years ago, in another time, another world. It was the time when carnival as it is experienced in the South Tyrolean lowlands was born: rough, unbridled, rough but also warm. Perkeo unites the then with the now. Salornero, court jester, dwarf, who holds his wine well - who could be better suited to represent the new Salorno Carnival? In this way, the old carnival of the Bassa continues, in a new guise, with a different but still firmly rooted approach to the traditions and customs of times gone by.

In the footsteps of Albrecht Dürer

The Dürer hiking trail leads from Klösterle in Sankt Florian near Neumarkt via Buchholz near Salurn and on to the pyramids of Segonzano in the Cembra Valley in Trentino. The great Nuremberg painter, graphic artist and art theorist Albrecht Dürer walked along this trail on his journey to Venice in 1494.

Living Salorno - border land and illustrious times

Admire the most impressive architectural works from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and take a dip into Salorno's history. Organiser: Castelfeder Tourist Association

The waterfall in the village

According to a legend written by Ignaz Vinzenz Zingerle, two boys found a sword made of pure gold here, which was stuck deep in the ground and could not be pulled out. When they returned to this place a few days later, they met a man in old-fashioned clothes. He led them into the cave behind the waterfall, where magnificent rooms opened up and where he revealed to them that he was waiting to be freed from a spell. Only those who were able to pull their swords completely out of the ground could do so. From then on, neither the man nor the sword were ever seen again. Discover the Titschenbach, the 68 metre high waterfall, cross the bridge and climb up the cat ladder to the Palon to enjoy the view.

NEWS Guestcard - Musemobil

Discovering the surroundings - Free of charge and ecological. All our guests will receive a card with 2 important benefits: It will allow free use of all public transport (including public cable cars and the Renon Train) in South Tyrol and free entry to 90 South Tyrolean museums. Validity: from the day of check-in to the day of check-out, for a maximum of 7 days; for longer stays the card must be renewed.

Salurn an der Weinstraße

Nature Park Trudner Horn

Kneipp in Gfrill near Salurn

Dürer's path