Wineries in Salorno on the Wine Road

Four estates and wine cellars are dedicated to wine production in the southernmost village on the Wine Route

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is a winery in the Bassa Atesina in the far south of South Tyrol. The clay soils, sedimented by the Adige River over the centuries until its course was regulated, are the basis for elegant and pleasant white wines and full-bodied reds.


Our Demeter wines, homemade juices, and many other organic specialities from the area (e.g. Noàl juices, EVA organic apple juice, Floribunda apple cider, organic beers from the Ahrntal valley (GustAHR), FREI the non-alcoholic bubble) await you on the Weinterrasse.


At the edge of the village of Salorno, the southernmost wine-growing centre in South Tyrol, the ruins of Salorno Castle, HADERBURG Castle, the fortress after which our company is named, stand on a rocky spur. The fertile land above Salorno, which has been devoted to the practice of viticulture since ancient times, enjoys excellent climatic conditions for the production of sparkling wines and red and white wines with a strong character.


Nicoló, class of 1993. Sunny and enterprising, always ready to face challenges with optimism. Andrea, class of 1992. A little exuberant but not too much, proud of his land and the place where he was born and still lives. "The name is a tribute not only to the land where we grew up, but also to the noble origin of the grapes we work with, which draw their best characteristics precisely from their connection to the land and the centuries-old wine culture of Alto Adige. "