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about us

You want to know if we are a couple?

Yes! We have been a couple since 1993 and have recently (February 2023) shared the running of the Gasthof. We share a passion for dogs, biking, mountains and the sea, travelling and working hard. Now tell us a bit about yourself, we are curious to get to know you!

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Free Internet

Bicycle parking

Board games

The Gasthof since 1973

The history of Hotel Gasthof Salurn began at the end of the 1960s with the intuition of Fernanda Atz and her husband Heinrich Franceschini, who saw in the former "ENAL" building in Via Noldin 2 (then Via Roma 1), purchased by Heinrich a few years earlier, the potential for an accommodation facility with rooms, a restaurant and a pastry bar.

In 1970, during the planning phase of the future hotel Gasthof Salurn, Heinrich suddenly passed away, leaving his wife with their children Klaus, 9, Elisabeth, 7, Marzia, 2, and Heini, who was about to arrive. Fernanda, then in her thirties and with little experience in tourism, courageously wanted to complete the ambitious project she had started with her husband. By building the hotel, she would also have solved the problem of accommodation for her large family and with her work she would have been able to look after her children and give them a future. She rolled up her sleeves and with determination managed to obtain the compulsory permits for the realisation of her project designed by architect Stefan Rabanser. A year later, changes were made by surveyor Franz Pedoth and work began under his direction.

On 26 May 1973, the Gasthof SALURN Hotel opened its doors. This was the beginning of a life of intense and prolific work, which led to the extension of Fernanda and Heinrich’s original project in 1979, with the construction of additional rooms on the second floor of the former “ENAL” building, designed by the architect Bruno Pedri.

In 1990, the windows and doors on the first floor and the new bar room were rebuilt to the design and construction supervision of architect Rolando Rossi. The eldest son Klaus made a major contribution to the success of this new venture. His creativity and personal touch gave rise to a lively restaurant business. In 2003, Heini took over the bar, added the production of homemade ice cream and, under the direction of engineer Massimiliano Atz, began renovating the terrace, reception and lounge.

The story of Hotel Gasthof Salurn is the realisation of Heinrich’s dream, thanks to the commitment of Fernanda who, with admirable perseverance and dedication, has carried on the business she had planned with her husband. Thanks to her work, the Hotel Gasthof Salurn has become a point of reference for many tourists and for the entire community of Salorno.